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About Us

Who We Are

Servo World is a trade only company focused on electrical equipment for Homes, Buildings, Offices, Public Infrastructures, Factories and Industrial Complexes.

We only supply to businesses and professional entities.

With our network of trusted partners, we are able to offer competitive solutions to the most demanding professionals in a wide range of projects.

Based in Luxembourg, strategic crossing in Europe, Servo World is in the best conditions to satisfy businesses and professionals requirements as they become ever more demanding.

Ideally located between France, Belgium and Germany, we ensure smooth logistics and follow up, quickly and efficiently. We believe that the attention to detail and the human links we bond participate to creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

Continuously challenged with extremely fast evolving technologies and environment, our duty is to ensure a premium service by offering reliable, economical and relevant solutions.


Trade & Distribution

We deal with electrical wholesalers, trade only customers and indirect supply contractors.

Our prices allow them to maximize their profit and reach the competitivity levels they need for bulk requests or volume projects where the competition can be really tough.

Switchboard & Panel Building

Panel Builders and Switchgear professionals are often overwhelmed with the consuming tasks of managing projects, assembling and commissioning units.

We supply the components at wholesale price so that they can focus on what they do best while cutting the costs down.

Construction & Energy Services

Some of our customers are involved with new building projects.
They need to deliver turnkey solutions from Design, Construction, Energy Management, HVAC, Maintenance and Renovation.
We are here to help them sourcing the electrical equipment required for current protection and distribution, from the main switchboard to the wall-mounted wiring devices that will equip the entire building.

Manufacturing & Production

Sometimes, turning to the machine manufacturer can be really expensive when it comes to maintaining the production tools and spare parts management…
Our multi-brand offer allows our industrial clients to use our help for a wide range of high-end equipments and reduce costly downtimes while staying within budget.

Exploring New Markets

It is no secret that Export markets are developing fast and bring countless new business opportunities…

Some of our clients are exclusively dedicated to these markets and we help them with their activity to sustain their growth.